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Friday, May 6, 2016

Monetized Your Camera

Capture Wedding Moments
The wedding day is one of the most memorable days in the lives of a bride and groom. Therefore, capturing the excitement, beauty, and emotion of this special day is critical, and of extreme importance. Successful video entrepreneurs find it easier to break into this niche by simply shooting a few videos of your friends and family members to start building your portfolio. Remember, weddings are highly emotional (and expensive) purchases, and as with every emotional purchase, the word-of-mouth advertising will make or break you.

Produce Professional Advertisement
Given the fact that several of the suggestions above include creating professional advertisements for a variety of services, there is ample opportunity for video entrepreneurs to succeed in this niche. Fortune 500 companies are not the only ones in need of advertising. Small to medium sized companies often cannot afford the high price tag of good, quality professional production. That’s where the micro job market comes in.
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Tips Making Dslr Videos

Make idea for video
Take off your photographer hat and start thinking like a director, in stories and clips. A variety of angles and scenes is key to making an engaging movie.
You can’t just press record and film a whole long scene straight off the bat, professionally shot films are made up of hundreds of short clips ranging around two to twenty seconds each.
That may seem like a lot of video, but it’s easily edited down into a short film using computer software.

Plan it all out
Make a rough storyboard of the clips you want to include in your film, giving it a clear beginning, middle and end.
Planning first makes things much easier when you’re setting up and directing the action.
When it comes choosing your movie’s size, full frame, or 1920×1080, is the best choice for getting high quality footage.
Frame rate is the frequency at which consecutive images are displayed – our Nikon D3100 will only shoot at 24fps, but more sophisticated DSLRs give you more options – European videos tend to be shot at 25fps, whilst American video and action clips are normally 30fps.
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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lens Calibration

If you are wondering about how to calibrate lenses, this article has detailed explanations and different methods of AF fine tuning. Due to the nature of the phase detect autofocus system that is present on all SLR cameras, both cameras and lenses must be properly calibrated by manufacturers in order to yield sharp images. Various factors such as manufacturer defects, sample variation, insufficient quality assurance testing/tuning and improper shipping and handling can all negatively impact autofocus precision. A lot of photographers get frustrated after spending thousands of dollars on camera equipment and not being able to get anything in focus. After receiving a number of emails from our readers requesting help on how to calibrate lenses, I decided to write this tutorial on ways to properly fine tune focus on cameras and lenses.
  • Why Calibrate
Why is there a need to calibrate lenses? With the release of new, high-resolution cameras like Nikon D800, it seems like calibration is becoming an important and hot topic. As I have explained in a number of my photography articles and reviews, while the increase of megapixels in our cameras has a number of benefits (see benefits of high resolution cameras), it can also expose potential focus problems. A slight focus issue might not be as noticeable on a 10-12 MP sensor, but will be much more noticeable on a 25+ MP sensor (assuming both sensors are of the same size).
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